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How to improve your ROI and reduce costs per leads


how to maximize roi and reduce costs in pay per click campaignsThe main goal of any online marketing campaign is to maximize conversion while reducing costs, therefore improving your ROI (return on investments).

I pointed out a very short list of some advices to be always kept in mind when dealing with online advertising.

1. Continuity
The message we published on the ad must be relevant and truthful. If we advertise something we have to make sure users will actually get what we told them in the first place through the ad. So there has to be some continuity between the ads and the following landing page. We have to make sure that leads will get what we promised in the first place, this will guarantee an higher conversion rate.

2. Targeting
Internet advertising is extremely dynamic but also its results can be 100% tracked. Therefore targeting has become really easy, considering the huge amount of parameters we’re able to trigger while configuring an ad. Targeting helps us delivering the ads to those leads more willing to be converted into customers, therefore increasing conversions while reducing costs.

3. Testing
The best experience comes from mistakes. Planning a campaign on the internet can be a daunting experience, expecially during the very first months, when you just go for it without any past knowledge of a certain market or target. The best thing to do is.. just keep on trying different text, ads, images, and see which is the more effective. Hours spent on testing are definetely more valuable than time spent on marketing books and how-to’s.

4. Focus on client advantage
When writing down a ad we need to focus on the client perspective rather than showing off how good we are at our job. People is way more interested the personal advantage they can get with our product or service rather than the partners you’ve been working with or since how many years you’ve been the leader on the market. Try to imagine an ad which says that you’ll benefit of 50% less costs for your company purchasing a particular service or one in which the same company says it’s the leader of his own market: which one would you click on?

This was a very short list. There should be a lot more material to go through and of course and endless list of advices to boost your PPC and advertising performances. I’ll try to go through all this in the next posts, stay tuned for more.

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Third party Ads for Google Adsense publishers

third party ads available to google adsense publishers

Big news for Google on his Adsense program for Publishers. This time a new entity comes into play, third-party advertisers. Still unknown rates and CPC…

Will be Google able to guarantee decent rates and quality of the ads? Who will be these so called big advertisement brands which will start spreading on the Adsense network!?

However it seems that these new ads will be “expandible” when mouse rolls over them and will be available in flash and standard image format. No need to twek your adsense code though because the feature is already available for all the text/image ads. Only text ads won’t be affected by the change.

The full article is available at the official Google adsense blog.

While it seems that Google just wants to open up, I guess it will ruin the quality of the ads and CPC rates, what do you reckon?

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